Dancing With Myself – The Donnas

OK so The Donnas seem to show up here more for their cover versions than for their own music. I’m not counting that as a slight though. Any song The Donnas cover gets something of a sheen added to it that means it would work well in the cross over world of the movie soundtrack.

Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol fronted Generation X is one of the greatest singles to have ever been. It’s a cool, aloof, disaffected piece of 70’s alienation post punk pop. It’s got a relentless groove to it and will never not be cool.

The Donnas on the other hand are my dream pop group. Full of attitude, self respect and fun they know their genre, they know their audience and they know how to party.

This one made the soundtrack album of seminal teen comedy Mean Girls. I’ve never seen the film. It really doesn’t look like my cup of meat. I do understand it’s reputation within it’s genre. The only reason it sticks in my mind as a film at all is this song. I sought it out when I heard The Donnas had covered this because, if their version was half a great on record as it sounded in my head I’d love it.

And I do. It’s a straight ahead Donnaing for Dancing With Myself. They play it straight and mean like the coolest girls in town formed a band just so they didn’t have to listen to anyone lame playing in a band that wasn’t them.

The Donnas are a massive band in our house. I own more Donnas records than I do Beach Boys. I’m proud of that.

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