Havana Affair – Red Hot Chili Peppers

It’s Friday at SteveFor TheDeaf and time for the final week day entry in our 70’s Punk Covers Week.

I’ll sneak Ramones songs on this site any which way I can, so this one probably comes as no surprise. Havana Affair appeared on The Ramones world changing debut album. It’s as classic a piece of punk rock history as you’ll ever find.

I have this lovely RSD seven inch single which is part of their Side by Side series. Every single comes with the original track on one side and a cover version on the flip. There are also Green Day/Hüsker Dü, Tegan & Sara/The Regrettes and David Bowie/Tom Veraline editions floating around in the ether.

The Ramones and RHCP share some common ground when it comes to attitude but they’re also vastly different bands. The Chili’s version of Havana Affair slows things down a notch and plays it almost as a Cuban rhythm (novel), there is still their signature hint of funk to be fair.

It’s a smooth studio take originally intended for the star studded Ramones Tribute album We’re A Happy Family (also featuring Rob Zombie, Tom Waits and Green Day) which has been repackaged by RHCP’s label several times in the intervening years.

There’s this single version, a rarities CD and an EP of covers RHCP have put together commercially available so it’s shouldn’t be hard to find if you want your own copy.

It’s worth it just to have Anthony K maul the word Banana like he does to hand whenever you might need it.


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