Alphabet Aerobics – Blackalicious

This is some sort of dark magic. It’s magnificent and stupefying. It’s accomplished and mesmerising. But… I mean it’s not like you can rap along with it, unless you’re some sort of wizard or something.

Alphabet Aerobics is a tour-de-force of verbal ability mixed with some pretty damned impressive vocab creativity and more than a dash of grandstanding.

Dating from the late 1990’s it was a hell of a calling card for Blackalicious to push their way into the international scene before their debut album Nia came in 1999.

There’s not a lot of point writing paragraphs about a piece of music more dexterous and broader in scope than most can contemplate even while they’re hearing it. I used to play it in clubs and bars to end the set before a change of act was due on the stage. People literally freak out halfway through because they can’t handle how much verbal athleticism is crammed in to Alphabet Aerobics.

So I won’t bang on. I’ll just post a link to a video of it. I mean it’s not like you can join in and rap along with it…

Unless you’re some sort of Wizard or something.

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