Doom & Gloom – The Rolling Stones

Popular opinion around The Stones these days is that they’re a Heritage act. Now performing as a tribute to themselves. You don’t go to see The Stones for the current state of rock and roll. You go to hear the jukebox favourites and to imagine it’s 30-40 years ago and you’re right there in the eye of the storm when rock and roll was taking the shape of things to come.

I don’t think even the Stones would argue with most of that.

(this is fast becoming my catch phrase) Annnd yet. Back in 2012 (or just last week in Keef years) The Stones put out what must have been their 99th Greatest Hits Set.

This one was titled Grrr! (so it still files next to Greatest hits in the A to Z you see, that’s Charlie’s influence. I get the impression he’s a stickler for Admin) and for the benefit of the fans (and of getting something new out for their 50th anniversary tour) it had two new studio recordings on it.

Here’s the shocker though. Doom And Gloom was a proper belter. It’s a full on Rock Song! Chunky riff, state of world address lyrics, driving rhythm. It could have been recorded by any of the pretenders to their crown at any point from ’76 to today. You could Imagine AC/DC doing Doom And Gloom or The Sex Pistols, The Black Crowes, Jet, The Strokes, Ash, Foo Fighters, Halestorm or INHEAVEN.

This is a rock song. A proper one. From The Rolling Stones at 50 that shouldn’t have surprised anyone. But it did.








10 thoughts on “Doom & Gloom – The Rolling Stones

  1. I’m about four behind you, which is how I tend to go these days. Up until now, however, I’ve gone back and read forward, in true blog fashion I think. When I saw this at the top my feed, however, I knew I had to go this way. I love this song, but I’m the dude who wasn’t surprised that I’d love it. That was probably because of me more than the Stones, because I tend to love most things that all the old bands put out; perhaps I’m just happy that they’re still out there doing it. Still, I think I loved this one even more than I expected. To add to the list of acts that could have done this back in the late-70s or so, I can hear it as a TP and the Heartbreakers tune. This is such a Mick song, but when you listen to it once with him turned down in your mind, to really see what this song is all about. This is a guitar tune for a smoky and sweaty bar. Keith and Ron are somewhere nobody else can quite get to, those tones feeling like home, and Charlie is back there with those easy flourishes, saying “Yes, but did you see this over here,” and the whole band effort feels as if it was going on in the studio for about a week before Mick showed, pouring seamlessly into the world like ice cream seeps into the cracks of a full belly. “May as well play it again; Mick’ll be along directly.”

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      1. Wouldn’t Tom have done just that? He’d have tucked it in his back pocket like a coed’s iPhone, put it right on top of a bus ticket to where comes next. I miss that dude. Kudos as always, Steve; another thing, while I was reading your write-up on this one and the Some Kind of Wonderful track, I was thinking I should nominate you for one of those awards; I really do take a lot from your blog, and find it deserving. Anybody out there know the deal with that?

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  2. I loved this track. Wish I’d got the 5cd of Grrrr! but never had the cash.

    Mine doesn’t file alphabetically within artist, though. The whole collection is alphabetical by artist, but then within artist it’s chronological, so Grrrr! sits at 2012…

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  3. Man, I dig this tune a helluva lot. I have both feet planted firmly in the ground that say The Stones are still as vibrant now as they always have been. I’m awfy fond of A Bigger Bang and have been hoping for a proper Stones studio album since. This was one that reminded me that they are still interested in making music… though I can’t forgive Mick For choosing to do that SuperHeavy thing instead of a Stones album. That was pretty dreadful. This, though… this is awesome… I love it.

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