Bells & Circles – Underworld & Iggy Pop

He’s at it again. Uncle Igg is popping up on other people’s records and having his say over break beats and big noises.

The first two minutes sees a some what aggressive mish mash of beats backing Iggy while he tells a story which appears to be about smoking on aeroplanes. As it goes on it’s more about him hitting on an air hostess, or snorting a gram of coke or contemplating having superpowers. He’s talking about this like it was ‘A golden age of air travel’. I’m not so sure the air hostesses look back on things the same way.

The beats and grinds build up in a way Underworld have had a knack for since Second Toughest In The Infants. It’s livelier than Dark And Long, grungier than Born Slippy, choppier than Jumbo and would kind of fit in on the Sunshine soundtrack during one of the big bright dust ups.

Iggy is now lamenting the lost opportunities for teenage boys from liberal democracies to high jack flights and ‘charge the airlines twenty grand to get their airplane back’.  While someone else is making weird barking noises over the top of it all.

There’s female backing vocals a proper chorus and SFX heavy other voices as things progress. And still the crazy old Pop Pop is still muttering away. Proclaiming the end of rock critics (I’ll be off then) and paraphrasing Gil Scott Heron. The records sleeve art features the words Tea Time Dub Encounters. You can’t help but wonder if there’s more of this lurking in Underworld’s lair somewhere.

It’s summertime and there’s a new Underworld single, this is cause for celebration. It’s summertime and there’s a new Iggy Pop single, this is a reason to party. They’re both on the same immense seven minute plus mindbender of a track? Let’s take the day off and throw a barbecue.

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