What Up Man – The Cool Kids

Tick Tick Clap Tick Tick Clap.

The Cool Kids hail from a history of progressive Hip Hop that can be traced back to the early days of the genre. As playful a duo of rappers as Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish you’d be hard pressed to find outside of Run The Jewels or Epic Beard Men.

“Stepped out the crib with the bear claw slippers robe tied tight chest, No chest hair store close at four, so I gotta get there cause it’s like 3:50”

The flow is funny, fresh and contorts around the elementary back beat. When Hip Hop is not afraid to be goofy it can lead to some inventive places.

“I’m standin’ in long lines lady with the baby probably buyin’ some Dog food, dog probably crazy on the daily basis my days be like this cause I got to the register and then the store closed”

Sir Michael has a fresh Del The Funky Homosapien type vibe to his braggadocio. Chuck fits in the lineage that De La Soul and J5 pioneered.

“Come get some you little bums I got a lot and you can’t get none, that ice cream truck just left if you run you can catch but it’s out cause I got the last one, but I got a box of cones that I’m willin’ to sell, I’ll sell the ice cream too, two scoops for a bill”

This stuff is often seen as the novelty end of the genre because it’s less angry and confrontational than the more Gangster side of things. It would be an oversimplification to write Cool Kids off as somehow less real. Their back and forth word play is often conversational, equally relatable.

“I left ma kids at day care”

‘Pick em up then’

“I’m tryin’ but some new shit”

‘What you tryin’ spend?’

“All I got 5 dollars”

‘So u broke man?’

“I thought I had 10 dollars”

‘So you broke then’

“TV dinner on the counter”

‘warm it up then’

Their lyrics detail economic struggle, they paint a vivid portrait of the neighbourhood and it’s characters and they display an ambition and a hustle for betterment.

It’s all for real,

“Well maybe not the line about catchin’ a whale”

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