Lost Weekend – The Virginmarys

In 2013 underworld rock legends The Virginmarys put out their Stripped album. A kind of do-over and retrospective of everything they’d done so far but without the variables of being released as debut singles or EP’s or B-Sides. They were redefining their own band. As in, THIS is who we are if you ‘Strip’ all the other stuff away.

“Build me up I’m breaking down I’m tired of living underground where depression tells me she’s the only way and I have nothing left to lose but I have nothing left to choose and the bottle drinks the booze from me these days”

The Bang Bang Rock And Rollers showed their vulnerable side on more than one occasion. And yet SHUTTHEFRONTDOOR, is it effective on Lost Weekend!?!

Macclesfield sounded cold and wet and relentless the night Ally, Danny and Matt laid down this tune.

“I cannot sleep, I cannot cry I’ve lost all control of my mind spinning out of time and out of sight and my body aches and my heart it hurts”

In vibe alone the song recalls Northern legends The Verve. Just in case there’s any doubt one of their biggest singles is name checked in the second verse.

“I’ve long found out that drugs don’t work will someone save me from myself tonight”

There’s a fine line in the introspective balladry of proper rock and roll bands. These songs don’t pop up on the record to shift a few units and be the cross over hit so the bands name is famous along side the top 40 set. This isn’t Bon Jovi doing Always.

This is long dark night of the soul stuff. This is the witching hour alone in a hotel room with no dog to pet and no one to love stuff. This is the dark side of rock and roll.

And it’s pretty damned beautiful… in tiny doses.

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