Come Down Sister – The Throbs

“Skyscrapers looking down on me takes away the discretion, bright lights is all I see it’s like a total obsession”

That deep guttural growl of a singing voice left quite an impression on me in 1991. This was New York Sleaze Rock for the 90’s but it was dressed and presented like it was still ’78. The voice had tones of Gothic rock in there. There was some deep baritone like The Sisters of Mercy but the music was pure Guns N’ Roses. The video was shot on vintage cine-film and the album was packaged with an elaborate kind of gypsy psychedelic artwork of swirling letters and paisley shapes. Many of my favourite rock and roll things came together in The Throbs.

“New York City streets are tough my backs against the wall, I close my eyes and I see you now, little sister come down on me”

The Throbs made one gloriously genre reverential album in The Language Of Thieves & Vagabonds. There were some real moments on the record but nothing as distilled and brilliant as their one and only single Come Down Sister.

The band never recorded together again. They succumbed to their own legend in the time it took to go from debut single to album release and that was the end of that.

Kind of perfect really.

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