L’etat C’est Moi – The Blinders

These guys are cramming a lot into a 3 and a bit minute indie single with slightly gloom rock overtones and a throaty holler of a refrain.

Firstly we’ve got that title. In French no less. A quote attributed to the most King Louis of all the King Louis. Old XIV. Roughly translated as ‘I Myself Am The Nation’. The King can do no wrong. It translates to something like that. Or ‘I have absolute power to pardon myself’. Something like that. My French is not great. I did German and Spanish in high school.

Then there’s the video. A loose change budgeted version of something like V For Vendetta. The boys in the band play various roles around their local pub, a scrap yard and a basement. There’s a maguffin (jus’ like in Pulp Fiction) there’s acting (of a sort) and there’s action (of even less of a sort). There’s also A4 photocopies of various ‘Under His Eye’ type propaganda all over the wall of Doncaster’s The Railway Pub. The imagery not only references Alan Moore and Margaret Atwood. There’s some Led Zeppelin, Abbath and Alice Cooper in there too. It’s exactly the sort of video any gang of lads would make if they were putting out a single for their indie band and had bugger all budget but all these ‘cool ideas man’.

So to the song itself. It’s a bit Interpol, a bit The Fall. There’s a bit of spit and sweat in the lyrics

‘We fuckers we two bit hookers, I’ve got divine right, I’ve got divine right, I say jump you say how high’  

With Louis Louis Louis Louis Louis Louis Louis Louis Louis Louis Louis Louis Louis Louis quoted in the translated backing vocal. 


The music is set to ‘Scare’. The guitars clang and scrape. The bass lopes and crawls. The drums. They’ll fuck you up pal. If you so much as look at them funny.

The vocal gets more manic as the track plays on while the gloomy riff searches the horizon like a spotlight on a prison wall.

The Blinders have played a… Well they’ve got an appropriate name.

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