Magazin – White Denim

This is everywhere I turn at the moment. Magazin has carpet bombed my ears for the last 3 weeks. Indie retro rocking try hards White Denim have been plying their Thin Lizzy via 70’s organ rock schtick for over a decade. I was smitten back when they put out Corsicana Lemonade back in 2013. At Night In Dreams and Come Back especially were a couple of jams I emptied the jar on.

But for whatever intervening reasons I never picked up anything else by them, never managed to catch them live and sort of missed all their other singles on their way to the radio. Now they’re insisting I give them another listen by being everywhere and being brilliant with their latest issue (or should that be issu?) Magazin.

The low skank and spaced man drawl of the lyrics are quite seductive. The whole shuffle and pomp of that horny chorus get right into the ear worm canal like a Modest Mouse relative or some overheard TV On The Radio. The entire bag of tricks frugs on nicely enough while throwing in more ‘bubbled through water’ horns. There are some ‘smooth as a 70’s porn actors moustache’ backing vocals and the odd time change.

Inevitably a break in the beat arrives that allows all sorts of psychedelic nonsense to pass under the radar. This band o’ kooks do their best to convince you Magazin is just a bit of regular radio friendly indie noodling. It ain’t.

White Denim are still reliably weird and charming enough to hide the fact in plain sight. I’m glad to have them back on my radar. If you’re a fan of Supergrass or Weaves these guys will entertain you. Whats the story with the missing E though?

9 thoughts on “Magazin – White Denim

  1. I still need to check them out, but aye, that’s pretty good. You also mentioned three bands I have a lot of time for there, too – Modest Mouse, TV On The Radio, and Supergrass (I miss them).

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      1. Agreed. There’s a lot of those 90’s bands resurfacing and as much as I like Gaz’ solo stuff, I don’t think it has the same magic that Supergrass had. I genuinely believe they were the best of the best. Up there with the Stones, The Kinks, Johnny Kidd & The Pirates, and The Who, I reckon.

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