Squeeze Box – The Who

Welcome to Who Week. The Who! Arguably THE greatest rock and roll band of all time. OK, I often make a case for it being the Stones. Sometimes I might call upon Da Brudda’s or Lemmy’s boys but when it comes to the B.I.G big time people usually ask if you’re Beatles or Stones.

When asked something like that, The Who is the best answer you can give (unless you want to go the other way with Elvis). The Who. Th’ Oo’. The Who. Who Who! Who Who!

The Who metamorphosized more fluidly than either of the other big guys from the 60’s into the 70’s and beyond. The Who don’t have ‘eras’ the way other epoch defining bands do because they were always slightly off the trend anyway. They were brutish in their image as much as they were artists.

These Warrior Poets came from the factory floors and the saloon bars of Britain to thrash out Maximum R&B in the form of teen rebellion. Only by virtue of their unmatched powers did they move on to leading their own youth movement. Basically they were tougher and played harder than everybody else.

Once they had their army of followers they concerned themselves with disrupting expectations. The image changed from sharp suits and high fashion to stand out statements and awkward appropriation. From there it went through Live albums, Rock Opera, taking on the film industry, rock and roll as folk music, reunions. The Who have done it all.

This track is a nice mid period belter. Far from the classic albums that forged the 60’s counter culture and still a distance from the epic production and heritage rock of their late period this is still the original line up. This is a rock and roll song for the sake of rock and roll as music for the people. And it is (most importantly of all) a huge ball of fun*.

*It might also just be about boobs. It’s hard to say.

11 thoughts on “Squeeze Box – The Who

  1. Yah a Simple Song…
    The Who were a force to be reckoned with ….
    I love the Kenny Jones period esp Face Dances. That album is brilliant…
    Quiet One is one of my all time fav’s!
    Nice post!

    Liked by 1 person

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