Love Reign O’er Me – Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam have grown since the 90’s grunge boom into a band that bears more than a passing resemblance to The Oo’ of the late 1970’s. Not afraid of an epic production nor a slip stream from one genre to another, both bands can play to sold out stadiums at their will regardless of new product to promote or doing any actual promoting. They’re also famed for huge back catalogue spanning shows and incredible guitar pyrotechnics.

When the PJ’s first appeared they were not shy of a cover version or five and yet, this fx laden epic is a far cry from the spunky punk of Sonic Reducer or the jangle pop of Last Kiss.

This is Pearl Jam giving Quadrophenia’s climatic anthem a full on widescreen treatment. The cinematic reference is clearly intentional. Pearl Jam recorded this and released it as a soundtrack song for the movie of the same name (the missing V is up for debate in the O’er/Over department)

It may sound a bit stodgy to anyone coming in halfway through but to sit and listen from the rain drops of piano at the start to the clanging guitar strings and soaring Vedder voice at the end is quite the journey in one song. Odd choice for a single. I really don’t know if it was a hit or not. I found out about it quite a while after the fact which is strange for me as an avid PJ fanatic… So I’m guessing maybe not a smash hit then. I could look it up. But I won’t.

Any hoot. This kind of full on rock opera reverie is too good for the charts. This is the sort of thing that makes fans of one band into fans of another.


14 thoughts on “Love Reign O’er Me – Pearl Jam

  1. Never really liked this one… and I still can’t get with it. But I’m not much of a fan of Pearl Jam’s recorded output post Riot Act…

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  2. No, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a hit in the U.S. This is an excellent treatment of an excellent tune. Thanks for sharing this; I’d forgotten about the studio version. Your comparisons between the two bands are apt and well said. Kudos.

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