Don’t Let Go The Coat – The Who

One of the things about REALLY big bands is you often see their influence in all sorts of places… How often do you listen to those bands though and hear an influence coming back the other way? I mean besides the building blocks of rock and roll that meant The Beatles covered Chuck Berry. Led Zep, The Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac all loving blues standards and what not.

Don’t Let Go The Coat by The Who is quite a unique thing in as much as it sounds like the work of someone who came after them, who went a different route to them and who had different influences to them.

I’d go so far as to say If you listened to Don’t Let Go The Coat right after hearing some Warren Zevon you wouldn’t know the difference. Not the obvious comparison I know. And yet there it is.

DLGTC is a cracking Who song precisely because it doesn’t sound anything like one. It might be that it’s from the period after Keith but before full on Elder Statesmen of rock status had engulfed them. It was now the 80’s and rock and roll was about to have a very rough decade indeed. They’re doing a Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School type thing on this tune and they’re damned good at it too.

As much as I love The Who for being The Who, I’m always fascinated when a band make a really uncharacteristic record.

It’s smooth like a fair bit of latter day Who is but it’s also got a sentimental side. It’s quite sweet really.


10 thoughts on “Don’t Let Go The Coat – The Who

    1. Aw Man he was always the loser in the singer songwriter scene of the 70’s. He never had Waits art credentials or Joel’s hits but he did have a good way with bad luck. He was even upstaged the day he died as Johnny Cash pushed him out of the spotlight hours later.

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      1. I’ve always thought he was talented, just never got into the music for some reason. I should try him out now that I have a deeper appreciation for artist now that I didn’t listen to in the past.

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  1. Totally get that. I loved Warren. Did you ever see his last performance on Letterman. That was one the TV highlights of my life. If you haven’t seen it, I highly suggest it. It’s all available on YouTube I believe.

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