Join Together – The Who

I should warn you. This is an ultra WHO Who song. This song is The Who singing about themselves. They’re basically setting out to make the ultimate opening song for their live shows. It’s pure theater.

“When you hear this sound a-comin’, hear the drummers drumming, won’t you join together with the band? We don’t move in any ‘ticular direction and we don’t make no collections I want you to join together with the band”

Join Together is a bit naïve really and not very punk. It’s about unity and enjoyment, and there are little break outs for each of the band to show off. It may be dead on the nose but the unbridled joy of it is infectious.

“Do you really think I care what you eat or what you wear? Won’t you join together with the band? There’s a million ways to laugh and ev’ry one’s a path, come on and join together with the band”

They may sound as if they’ve been drinking their own Kool Aid. This song isn’t from the rock and roll celebrity as messiah album Tommy, but it would fit right in along side a welcome to Roger, Keith, Pete and John’s holiday camp. Funnily enough it isn’t really from any album in particular. It’s a single only release which has made it’s way on to many comps over the years but doesn’t have a proper home.

The Who did rebel music better than anyone in the swinging 60’s. They did music about being a teen in retrospect amazingly well in their rock operas and they’ve done introspection a lot in the latter years. Join Together is amazingly good fun because it’s a call to action for the here and now (whenever that might be) which has no other agenda than being part of a great gig.

Call me a sentimental old fart. But that’s glorious.

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