27 Club – Chloe Black

I’ve discussed the virtues of the Flying Vinyl subscription service on here before. It’s a great way to keep your toe in the water if you’re not able to get out and see new bands every night but are interested in the bubbling under scene of the indie world.

Again this is NOT a paid advertisement in any way. This is me telling you guys (my virtual pub mates) about how I heard a fantastic record.

I didn’t get Chloe Black’s single in the monthly vinyl drop (in fact my subscription lapsed and I really miss those discs arriving every few weeks) but I did hear it through Flying Vinyl. So, a few months back they launched a podcast to accompany the subscription and it’s a bit of an occasional listen for me during my many many hours of driving each week.

Chloe opens Chapter 3 from back in February (titled Distracted from the Distractions). However I’ve been listening to them out of sequence (broken phone, locked iTunes account, boring story) so I only just got to this one.

“Joplin, heroin, cocaine, Cobain, raise my Hendrix to Jimi”

In a modern soulful sounding single that fits right in with your Lana’s and your Lorde’s, Chloe pays tribute to “The Club”. She touches on teenage obsession, rock star credentials and what price legendary status comes at. ~The track looks like it’a already been doing the rounds for a couple of years as there are much older versions locateable on line.

“Going hard, going hard, wild hearts, crashing cars, crashing cars and stars, Yeah we’re burning and we’ll never fade away, falling hard, au revoir, wild hearts”

It’s a lush sound. It’s an emotive subject and more to the point, it’s a fantastic song. The slick video and the delicious production may fool you into thinking this is a big league mainstream cash in on alternative cool. It isn’t. Not in my opinion anyway. I’d call it as a fan made torch song about rock legends. This is not a huge hit single wearing high street band T-shirts. This is just a tribute.

“Ain’t no one to pay, ain’t no one to fade, come and say my name, yeah”

Listen in.

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