Get Ready To Go – Tiger Bell

Ever bought an album just because of the sleeve?

That’s what I did with Tiger Bell. Not because the art was amazing or because I thought it would look good in my collection but I saw the logo. the four girls in punk poses and the title ‘Don’t Wanna Hear About Your Band’ and I thought to myself… ‘The odds are I’m going to love this’.

I was right.

This record is nothing but four girls pretending to be The Runaways, or The Ramones, or Green Day, or The Donnas.

It’s a phrase I seem to use a lot, but that’s a noble pursuit.

Get Ready To Go has a chanty chorus (in fact it has a chanty almost everything) It has searing Ner Ner Ner Guitars and a bucket of cowbell poured over the gaps. It’s Fucking Marvellous.

Oh and as things always need a unique element so they can stand out… Tiger Bell have a bit of a European accent. All of this New York cool comes via Sweden.

What I’m admitting is I bought a record because I liked the sleeve, and the sleeve had 4 Swedish girls on it. But it’s not like that. It’s a great blast of punk pop fun. And I feel like a sleaze just for digging it.

But I’m digging it…

7 thoughts on “Get Ready To Go – Tiger Bell

  1. “It’s not what it looks like! Honestly!”

    Never heard of them. Dig the cover. Dig the tune. I shall investigate further!

    Also, buying an album because of the cover is definitely acceptable. Unless the album lets it all down, of course.

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  2. You must see LA Witch live too, if you haven’t already. They’re Cramps/ Mazzy Star/ Stooges. I probably raved about them before. This band are badass too

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