Heart Afire – Prophets Of Rage

Ohhh. This is interesting. Remember me kinda criticising Prophets Of Rage when they first dropped the PE cover as their calling card? I called it a Kareoke show. Then they blew my hair back with Unfuck The World and we talked about using words as blunt intruments (they were winning me over) in my end of 2017 list I gave them props for Take Me Higher and fully got on board with the power of Rage mixed with the vocals of Chuck D and Cypress Hill. But still it was a simple maths equation. RATM+PE= Living on the 110 or RATM x Cypress+PE = Legalize Me.

It worked but it wasn’t really yet it’s own thing. Now we have Heart Afire. 30 seconds in I’m suprized not to be calling out Tom Morello riffs like lyrics (you do it too, don’t pretend you don’t, Nawwwww Naw Naw Naw Nawwww) there’s layers of electronica and digitized noise over the beats. The guitars are part of the mix not the sole bolt of lightning I was expecting. Texture. that’s what it is. Heart Afire has a texture that the debut album did not have. Lyrically we’re in a different place too.

Heart Afire is empassioned and direct, sure it is. It’s Chuck D, Rage Against the Machine and B-Real after all but it’s not ‘This Thing Sucks, Fuck This Thing’, It’s articulate and it’s inspiring. It’s actually a big slot for B-Real this time. He’s on point for most of the track.

“Can you feel it? Can you shoot? This cake and eat it, Isolation, separation, got your education, grabbed this gun now I face it and my mind is racing”

Heart Afire just went to the top of the playlist for the weekend. Let’s see how long it holds the spot. Does this mean there’s a new album on the way? Turns out it does. I’m actually pretty excitied about that.

This is the hour… Indeed.

11 thoughts on “Heart Afire – Prophets Of Rage

  1. I’ve not been that impressed with the Prophets of Rage at all… I figure they leaned heavily on what’s been done (and done better by their other projects). This is better, though… very much so.

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    1. Hi Paul I’ve just seen your posts about the volume/sound. It must be your settings as the links are all to YouTube Videos and I’m not hosting any of them. If the volume is up on you machine is there any chance you have YouTube or pops ups muted?

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      1. Yeah, figured out the sound thing. There seems to be just an extra step for me to listen to your videos now. I have to actually click on the “watch on YouTube” icon. I guess it’s their way of driving up site traffic.

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      2. All right, man. Caught up with you; I’ll see you again in a week or so. That’s just the way things are going right now. I added another freelance client Wednesday, and am meeting another about work on Tuesday. Getting more work, but not enough to cut back another day at the bar yet, so it’s just a busier schedule. Not complaining; pleased to be getting what I’m aiming for, but busy.

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