Novocaine – 10 Years

Muscular driven rock with a fixation on the wonders of numbing oneself. Hardly a new idea and yet 10 Years deliver a song you can’t pull yourself away from using a trilogy of stand out tricks.

Firstly that beat. They’ve got a rhythm section that sound like industrial standard power tools. In a good way. They know how to record a drum track and they make the most of their hard hitting sticksman Brian Vodinh.

Secondly Matt Wantland’s guitars are tuned to NuMetal. More Deftones than Bizkit their flat crunchy axe work tugs on the cerebellum like it’s 18 years ago. Indeed 10 Years may not be the best band name in the world but for putting you in a throwback state of mind it fits.

Third is that voice. Jesse Hasek has a magnificent set of pipes. When he gets to that ‘Super novocaine, you won’t feel a thing’ refrain in the chorus you’re transported to the most metal of moods. This is bold brave heavy music that commands sleeves full of tattoos and not a little leather in the wardrobe.

These guys have been plugging away since the 90’s on their particular brand of Heavy Metal Thunder. Novocaine comes from their seventh studio album proper. (How To Live) As Ghosts adds to the autobiographical nature of their album titles. They’re still out there playing years after their major deal went away (first album after going indie was called Minus The Machine, last one on a major was called Feeding The Wolves) and they’re still fired up and hitting hard.

I love that title (How To Live) As Ghosts. It really emotes something about the tryers and the persistent and those who just do what they do because they have to. Also in a tiny little way it speaks to me as author of this blog. Let me explain.

I’ve mentioned in a few other posts how I write these daily posts way in advance. I drop in a hot new release for the following day and move the original planned post out if a song really hits the moment or if someone dies who I feel moved to tribute to. But over all I’m six months ahead on these things right now. I love the idea that if I fell off the Earth tomorrow (It’s december 2017 here) the half dozen readers of SteveForTheDeaf wouldn’t know until July next year (When you’re reading this… I guess). Spooky huh?

10 Years and time added for good behaviour.


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