A Better Man – Thunder

How about a bit of Full English Rawk Balladry?

Copping on from the early 90’s Extreme and Mr. Big led boom of big haired metal bands going all acoustical for their softly softly number. Thunder were as enthralled to The Faces and Bad Company as their American counterparts were to Cat Stevens and The Eagles.

So it was that their most affecting Power Ballad came unplugged. A Better Man is essentially a show case for the Morley/Bowes song writing dynamic and Danny Bowes’ magnificent voice.

Their other slowies Love Walked In, Like A Satellite and Higher Ground were big on the power chords and the echoing snare but A Better Man did more with less.

It’s all mournful regret and ever so ‘umble.

“Once in a while I drift in time to a place in my memory that it still hurts to find, I was taking on the world with see through smile but dying on the inside all the while”

You see, he needs to be better Mr Rock Song Protagonist. He needs to be A Better Man. But not in a ‘I’ll cheat, lie and mistreat people I love less’ kind of way. There’d be no room for redemption in the song if there was any of that. No he needs to be more honest and talk about his feelings. More. More than on Love Walked In, Like A Satellite and Higher Ground…

“Like a martyr that don’t want sympathy I locked away my feelings, and threw away the key, it was gonna take a miracle to pierce my pride and you were the tower of strength to try when your loving washed right over me like the tide”

Messy as all that sounds (I hope the floors are wipe clean at Mr & Mrs Rock Song Protagonists house) this is typical ‘I’m not good enough for you’ compliment fishing made song. Power Ballads thrive on melodrama and this? This is what all this introspection has got us. It’s got us to the sucker punch greetings card conclusion. That Baby, You… You make Me… A Better Man.

Do lines like this really work? If you can sing like Danny Bowes they do.

5 thoughts on “A Better Man – Thunder

      1. Not a ripple…I think they came out just as Music was shifting gears in North America…
        Too bad as Backstreet Symphony was an excellent album…

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  1. These guys are new to me. The guy sure can sing; you’re right about that, and that girl in the video singing along will do anything for him. Danny would have fit well in Colorado in ‘77; He’d have hung in there alongside Warren, Jackson, Dan, JD, and all those other dudes who weren’t Eagles, but sometimes might as well have been. Eric Carmen would have looked up at him with his…

    I won’t say it.



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