Little Lost Sometimes – The Almighty

In a bold attempt to bridge the gap from UK home grown rock to big US sounding anthemic ballad, the all loud, all powerful, all wild, all wonderful, Almighty delivered a belter. A highlight of their short but heavily highlight packed career on their second album proper Soul Destruction. This gold standard piece of soul bearing rock comes in the form of this emotive confessional.

If Thunder were the new Whitesnake then The Almighty were the new Mötorhead. Trouble was, we still had the old versions of both those bands kicking around at this stage. So while Thunder and The Almighty did well, they spent too long as understudy’s to truly take their place in the rock family tree of the early 90’s.

The Almighty showed some diversity on their second album which was only hinted at on the first record. Big heartbreakers became as much their stock in trade as chanted riff based rabble rousers and bluesy intros to heavy rock epics.

Little Lost Sometimes was their first non chest beater of a single. It was a fragile acoustic number to begin with. It had strings and power-chords in it’s stars and sounded amazing as the band graduated from bars to theatres.

The gigs I saw on the 1991 Soul Destruction tour were magical because of the punchy crunchy rock anthems and the sweating throngs of moshers looking for a screaming good time. However, I recall vividly seeing tears pouring down the cheeks of more than one leather and denim clad Viking type when they played Little Lost Sometimes.

The band peaked on album number three when they stole Alice Cooper’s guitarist Pete Friesen and clipped their sound the way Metallica had on The Black Album to something more 90’s and brutal. Powertrippin’ is a solid record by any standards. From there, they sort of lost it on subsequent records.

Front man Ricky Warwick has made amazing music since not only under his own name but also in the rejuvenated Thin Lizzy and Black Star Riders. I’ve always been a fan of whatever hes’s done. Those original line up shows and that teary moment among a room full of tough looking old school rockers right as grunge was breaking all around us. That’s a moment in rock I hold very dear.

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