Ballad Of Jayne – L.A Guns

“Sheeeeeeeee was always something special”

I’m sure there are literally hundreds of other Power Ballads I should have chosen for this weeks selection but for me… When I think Rock Ballad.

“Diiiiiiiiiamonds shining bright in the rain”

When I think dirty rock and rollers with leather jackets and guyliner and dirty jeans crying into their beer over a hard rock band gone slightly country.

“Eeeeeeeverybody dreams of angels”

This song is right up the top of the list with Aerosmith and Thunder and Meatloaf and Heart and Marillion and Bon Jovi and Whitesnake and all of those guys.

“Now it all seems funny kinda like a dream, things ain’t always what they seems, what a shame, what happened to Jayne”

However, there is one band L.A Guns will forever be tied too in the rock family tree. One band with some previous in the ballad arena. Put Ballad of Jayne in a cage match with Patience or Yesterdays or Don’t Cry and it holds it’s own. OK, so November Rain might take it on brute force and Sweet Child O’ Mine is the undefeated champion of this sort of thing. Lest we forget L.A Guns share origin DNA with Guns N’ Roses and it shows here as much as it does on those debut album hard rockers.

So we’ve swerved from the power ballad formula a little over the week. But only a little. It’s a cynical cynical area of the music world. Bands chasing a hit single by emoting when usually they’re doing something far less sensitive or tasteful. It’s ripe for lampooning and bands like Steel Panther have made fortunes doing so.

But I ask you this. Would you rather genre bands didn’t mix it up? Hard rock bands going acoustic to lure new fans into their world. Who didn’t get into heavy music that way? Is that different to Black Flag making a funny video for TV Party? Or better than The Beastie Boys getting their single remixed by Norman Cook? Is a rock ballad such a bad thing if it pays for the tour and the next album?

I put this to the prosecution as my closing statement on the matter. Without the cross over hits, rock bands would have no way of reaching new fans. And that’s how we become old fans.

We are just dust in the wind Dude.

I know the theme weeks have come thick and fast around SteveForTheDeaf recently so I’ve thrown together some Mix-tape pages on the menu of the site so it’s easier to find all the Stones Covers, Landfill Indie and the If You See Kay trilogy in just a couple of clicks (Top Corner/ Three Lines Icon). Because if there’s one thing music fans love more than reading about music, it’s making lists.

4 thoughts on “Ballad Of Jayne – L.A Guns

  1. It’s totally cool for metal bands to make songs like this. People who call them sell-outs never had the bills they had to pay; if they had, they would be more understanding. Besides, who wants to do the same thing all the time? Nobody gets by with that but AC/DC, and they only do because they shoved hard rock down the haters’ throats for enough years that they realized the boys just weren’t gonna go away. Everybody else has to make some adjustments.

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