Change Of Heart – Bruce Dickinson

Over slow open acoustics and brushed drums, that most metal of voices turns two single lines into about 30 seconds of opera…

“Here I sit alone in a window, rain falls down on the glass in the cold, all my life I’ve been waiting for a moment, it never came, maybe never will, oh sometimes I don’t know”

This is the opening number of the new/old Bruce Dickinson album (it’s actually a recording from 2001) Scream For Me Sarejevo. Change of Heart originally appeared on Balls To Picasso (Who doesn’t love a good art school joke?) and sounds just like Iron Maiden even though it’s nothing like Iron Maiden. It sounds like them purely on the strength of (and the connections we all have to) that iconic voice. It’s actually an acoustic bluesy soul number which only has the odd distorted power chord so as not be totally over powered by Ver Bruce in full Air Raid Siren mode.

“You, your walking away you couldn’t stay, you need a change of heart”

It’s massive when he sings that line. It is a very un-Maiden chorus for a very un-Maiden lyric in a rather un-Maiden song. Yet when he opens those lungs and hits the Dickinson Note. It’s entirely Maiden.

Scream For Me Sarejevo does sound like an Iron Maiden reference in the album title. There are searing guitar solos on some of the other tracks and there are moments where you think That Is So Maiden!

I’ve read Bruce’s Book What Does This Button Do? and his description of this period is a fascinating, terrifying, impressive show of dedication and at the same time it’s also a tale of easy going rolling with it. Into WAR!?!?

This is a great showcase of his solo work in a different light to the one the world is used to. One thing this new way of looking at Bruce confirms is that Iron Maiden is his home. The Solo stuff is his holiday destination. He belongs with Steve, Adrian, Dave, Nicko, Janick and Eddie but he’s easily a whole show himself. Scream for Me Sarejevo? I hear it’s lovely this time of year.

*Note to Steve* Try not to mention Iron Maiden too much in the review. I did it once but I think I got away with it.

I know the theme weeks have come thick and fast around SteveForTheDeaf recently so I’ve thrown together some Mix-tape pages on the menu of the site so it’s easier to find all the Stones Covers, Landfill Indie and the If You See Kay trilogy in just a couple of clicks (Top Corner/ Three Lines Icon). Because if there’s one thing music fans love more than reading about music, it’s making lists.



4 thoughts on “Change Of Heart – Bruce Dickinson

  1. I love Maiden, and I hate to say that I’ve never paid any attention to Bruce’s solo work. Always too busy I guess. This is excellent. It’s like you say, it’s so un-Maiden, but that voice is all you need to have that Maiden feel; it’s like you’re always ready for a big scream to set the guys into a gallop, but the song ends and it’s cool that it never happened. Cool. Dig it.

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