Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend – Powerwolf

I have stood in the crowd at a Powerwolf show (well, at the bar before they came on) and discussed with music journalists (their words not mine) whether or not Powerwolf are a sincere metal band or a pastiche.

We were in a room full of hundreds of the bands fans. I was looking forward to the show. The other fans were looking forward to the show. The self proclaimed professional music writer was looking forward to the show but he still maintained that there was something ‘novelty’ about the German Power Metal Group.

The band then hit the stage and all doubt for me was erased (well in the interests of full disclosure, I was never on the other guys side of the argument to begin with).

There is something truly beautiful about Heavy Metal music played in such a way it is unaware and unacknowledging of any other kind of music. Powerwolf aren’t even trying to be the heaviest metal band they can be, just the most metal. They’re giving Amon Amarth and a whole European metal scene a run for their money there.

Their new album The Sacrament Of Sin is an excellent case in point. The first two singles Fire And Forgive and this (brilliant puntasticly titled) Demons Are A Girls Best Friend have an epic, video game music feel to them. It’s heavy metal to ride longboats through storms to. It’s fast and loud AND crucially it’s swathed in keyboards and choral backing vocals and produced to sound huge enough to fill a cathedral to the rafters.

But it’s not faking it. There’s no Tenacious D wink and a dick joke here. There’s no Evil Scarecrow comedy in the lyrics. No Alestorm theme. This is Heavy Metal. From Germany. The home of Ramsteinn and Helloween. Both bands are known for their sense of humour as well as their musicianship and their dedication to the metal faithful.

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep on saying it. Heavy Metal is inherently funny. All the best metal bands know this already. We’re not laughing at them we’re laughing with them. But you can’t let on you know it’s funny. This is why Spinal Tap will always be the perfect Metal band.

Powerwolf get the joke. And they mean it Man!


3 thoughts on “Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend – Powerwolf

  1. I don’t know Powerwolf (yet), but I love everything about this write-up. Exactly! Heavy metal is inherently funny. I’d even say it’s ridiculously funny and that is why it is so seriously great. Powerwolf deserve my attention just because they inspired this terrific post, if nothing else.

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