He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask) – Alice Cooper

I mentioned in a previous post that we got our Coop delivered to us all out of sequence as kids. We got Elected and then Zipper Catches Skin. Then we Got Muscle Of Love followed by Whiskey And Lace.

It was a confusing maelstrom of records in bargain bins and hand me downs. He’s Back stood out. It had an anchor in our lives. My Buddies and me may have been struggling to tell the 60’s from the 70’s and Punk from New Wave from Metal but we knew Horror Movies. We knew where we stood in the Video Shack. We understood this cultural landscape from Alien to Zombie Flesh Eaters.

And Jason was a brand you could trust. If the House of Voorhees endorsed Alice Cooper then we knew we were on to a good thing.

So what if the song abandoned all aspects of a proper rock song for some parping synths? So what if Friday The 13th Part VI was such a dreadful movie we ended up throwing pop corn at the TV and chasing the girls around the block with cardboard daggers instead of seeing it to the end?

If Alice Cooper and Friday The 13th work together it’s got to be a good thing right?

Errrm… Maybe not so much.

4 thoughts on “He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask) – Alice Cooper

  1. I think we all got our Cooper out of order, especially the younger ones. I. Started out with Trash and Hey Stoopid before getting the big 70s stuff, then the current releases, then rest of 80s and so on. But yeah, this one isn’t so great.

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  2. First Cooper album I ever purchased was ‘Constricter” back in 86 upon its release as I was 19 and Coop was on the comeback trial with that album in which this was tagged on the end of it..
    Quirky Coop tune but I kinda dig it in a quirky kind of way!

    Lynch from Dokken tells the story that they snorted blow off of Krugers razor glove before they shot the Dream Warriors video..hahaha

    Hollywierd and 80’s Metal!

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