Play – Dave Grohl

This is what happens when you leave your ex-drummer from Nirvana unattended. First they start making little demos in the garage, then they play guitar instead of staying behind their kit. Before you know it they’ve got hit singles and a touring band and they go and make a genre defining album as their second record.

Leave these symptoms unattended through something like the millennium and they’ll be headlining stadiums, making hugely popular music videos and collaborating with whole new scenes of rock music young and old.

They’ll be bridging the gaps between old school metal and modern indie you failed to keep clearly defined. They’ll headline the biggest festivals in the world for 20 years and then they won’t be able to do down time. While the full time members of this ex-drummers new band are on R n’ R (the other kind) and not touring the world, your unattended drummer will go back to the studio shenanigans again.

Only now they’re basically boshing out a prog album in a single 20 plus minute track which is played entirely by this unattended rock star on every instrument over layers and layers of riffs and breaks that sound like Ginger Wildheart’s 555% project doing Rush classic 2112 in the garage which is actually now a massive studio without the sci-fi lyrics but still somehow displaying some kind of narrative around struggle and vindication.

So be careful. If you don’t want magnificent sprawling instrumental rock soundscapes tainting your download history with the inferiority of everything that isn’t this awesome, then tend to your ex-Nirvana drummers regularly. Do not leave them in direct sunlight unsupervised with a recording device.

9 thoughts on “Play – Dave Grohl

  1. He was in Nirvana??? 🙂 I don’t think I have heard this song from him. For some reason, I got bored with Foo Fighters and haven’t been back much. I probably should remedy that and revisit some of his later stuff.

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