For What It’s Worth – Sérgio Mendes

Oh boy. Low slung Jazz grooves. Chilled lady vocals and that most dramatic of STOPS!

This tune is like your mind unwinding when you taste the first beer/wine/whatever on a Friday night after a long week of melon farmin’ difficulties.

The percussion is as big a lead at the vocal. That shaker making everything feel synco-psycho.

Try performing mundane house hold tasks while listening to this. You’ll vacuum clean the rug the grooviest way a rug has ever been vacuumed. It’s that or you’ll wash up with super funky bubbles and the plates will just float to their spot in the cupboard on sheer vibe.

Those of a more Hip Hopperatic bent, might recognise the refrain from the chorus as the same song Public Enemy sampled on the soundtrack album to Spike Lee joint He Got Game. They sampled the more famous Buffalo Springfield version of this Stephen Stills classic.

in this context Sérgio Mendes is your go to Brazilian Jazz Funk Bossa Nova Icon. Well, he’s my go to Brazilian Jazz Funk Bossa Nova Icon. All other Brazilian Jazz Funk Bossa Nova Icons can form a line.

The JFK Zapruder Video however is a bit of a bummer.


2 thoughts on “For What It’s Worth – Sérgio Mendes

  1. If he played at Carnegie Hall, he is a front-line musician. With More Than Nothing he pocketed the United States. His music is exquisite and this is why two presidents invited him to the White House. You have a clinical eye to choose your guests. Jazz is to put us as you feel when you listen to it. A hug

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