Just – Bicep

Well doesn’t this one stand out like a sore thumb around here? Bicep are a couple of laptop guys doing some minimalist electronic music that has been tied in with some sort of 90’s house revivalism that I didn’t really see as retrograde in any way. I first heard this in 2015 and it’s been circling my playlists and most played tracks on and off every since.

There is an ‘Orb’ like quality to the mixture of mumbles and bleeps I guess but it’s as much Kraftwerk as it is DJ Shadow or anything the Hacienda would have championed.

Ultimately it’s here amongst the angsty emo and dusty metal because it got under my skin. The blips and beeps get you bobbing and the lightness of touch means it works as a palate cleanser when randomly shifting from The Regrettes to R.E.M to Against Me!

Electronic Music doesn’t date the same way for me as rock. Chemical Brothers or Basement Jaxx for instance still sound like the future. I think this is because I’m not immersed enough in that scene to hear the difference between what they did 15-20-25 years ago. The same goes for acts like Bicep in 2015 in comparison to 90’s house or the latest new sound the pop charts will hunt down and smother in 2018.

This is a small isolated bubble of noises I find pleasurable. I kinda don’t want to know any more about it than just that.

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