Suspicious Character – The Blood Arm

What a striking song this was when it came bursting out of the radios and TV sets of 2006.

“I like all the girls and all the girls like me”

Proclaimed the cocksure but nerdy sounding vocalist. The piano stomped out it’s half speed honky tonk riff and middle weight indie jangled around that deep certain of itself voice.

“And while my right hands strives for a noble cause the left attacks with Roman aplomb. And all the divorcees applaud the deportees and soon enough we’ll have to fall upon their claws because… I like all the girls…”

And so it goes.

Fulfilling the same saccharine taste as OK Go and the Nerd Rock of We Are Scientists it seemed there was a new Rivers Kumo in town. I liked what I heard and was ready to jump on board. Something went awry though and I never heard of The Blood Arm again.

I could look into it. See if there is a whole back catalog to explore. But I get the impression if there is (and it’s good) it will find me eventually.

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