Uncomfortable – Halestorm

Pummeling Metal is such a delightful thing when it muscles it’s way out of a set of speakers. Hearing Halestorm on the radio or a playlist or over a PA at a club is like being given a gift. Old School metal that sounds totally modern. The intro to Uncomfortable is most assured in it’s pummel. After some serious slaying on all fronts instrumentally the strong clear confident Lzzy Hale vocal strafes out words like a machine gun turret in a firefight and all is well with the world.

“I did it cuz I wanna and I did it cuz I’m gonna I did it just because I can I did it cuz it makes me feel so good, and I did it because fuck “the man” I did it cuz I’m crazy and no ones gonna save me, and I did it just to cut the noise I did it cuz I’m drunk and I did it yea so what Cuz baby I’m just one of the boys”

Halestorm have grown from promising youths putting out contender metal to true scene leaders. The army of followers Queen Liz and her band have amassed (over 20 years?!?!?!) are hard fought and deservedly won. Halestorm are now a legitimate headline act. I fully expect that Vultures should finally be the record to put them atop the biggest line ups in the largest fields. They’d be amazing headlining Download or Bloodstock or similar.

This band don’t hide behind the bombshell up front though. Each member of Halestorm shines, stands out and speaks volumes in the way they play. Arejay, John and Josh are just as much Rock Stars as Lzzy. She’s the bands X-Factor for sure but this is a band not Lzzy Hale and the Storms. She’s the thing that the metal scene needs in this day and age. A cool, clever, cocksure woman shredding on guitar and hitting notes like Halford. Yes please. Lzzy has the media in the palm of her hand and she talks with honesty and passion about every aspect of the metal scenes culture. She’s a great advocate of mental health awareness and of fantastic boots. She’s not coy around the risque and refuses to back down on equality and double standards. Dammit! I’d vote for Lzzy Hale.

“I did it all, to break every single preconceived notion that you have, I did it all to rape every single one of your emotions… and just to make you Uncomfortable. I love to make you Uncomfortable”

With songs like Uncomfortable in their arsenal it’s not hard to see why the band have ascended to the level they have. This loud fast, thrilling slab of world class metal is fun. It’s brilliantly played and produced. It’s really about something. It’s challenging in its lyrical subject matter in a way that could still scare the mainstream and you know what? That’s why it’s called Uncomfortable.

All Hale!

On the same day the world lost the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin (R-E-S-P-E-C-T) the metal community also heard that it had lost one of it’s own female icons. Jill Janus from Huntress took her own life on August 14th. While Jill’s family and her band and her crew and her fans deal with the Sorrow of losing Jill, Lzzy has reached out to all rock and rollers on social media. She’s asked anyone and everyone who has struggled with a mental illness to raise their rock hands with selfies on Twitter and Insta etc and #RaiseYourHorns as a show of solidarity with others.


I’ve lost personal friends, colleagues, teachers and heroes to mental health issues. I’m with Lzzy on this one.


#RaiseYourHorns \m/


5 thoughts on “Uncomfortable – Halestorm

  1. Lazy Hale is an amazing front woman. Wow, thanks for reminding me about Halestorm. Spotify here I come! On a sombre note, mental health is nothing to squeeze about. I’m glad it is being brought out in the open. It needs to be talked about. RIP Jill.

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