Chequeless Reckless – Fountaines D.C

I first heard this back in the spring when and enthusiastic recommendation pushed the Boys In The Better Land/Chequeless Reckless double A Side Seven inch into my field of vision talking about passionate Scottish indie and making comparisons to my beloved Glasvegas and Idles. It was late. It was after a show and I seemed to have a never ending can of IPA in my hand throughout the conversation so I sort of filed under ‘Yeah. I like it’ and proceeded directly to the hangover and the lamentations on Sunday morning.

I’d got my own digital copy of said seven inch a short while after and was rather more taken with the sound of AA (It’s subtle Coop fans but it’s there) rather than the regular A Side. I like Chequeless Reckless’s swagger. I like the Nirvana-esque reference in the title and the big bold statement lyrics. I love the conviction and have no idea what the band name actually means. Brilliant. The Idles x Glasvegas comparison is pretty spot on but for me there is a more obvious reference. It really reminded me of A House from a million years ago and their Irish 80’s Indie Touchstone Endless Art. I mean REALLY reminded me.

Then I discovered Fountaines DC were in actual fact from Dublin, Ireland just like A House not Scotland at all. Suddenly it all became clear. It was clear I was talking bollocks at that after show months ago. It was clear the person recommending the band to me had indeed been Irish. It was clear to me I’d missed that detail and made a humounculous tit of myself. It was also clear I’d discussed this record with several people since and that I’d probably upset just about everyone from the nations of both  countries involved (or not involved as it turns out) and to every band I’d been comparing them to. What do I know? I’m from Essex. “In case you couldn’t tell”

I’ve been bookending playlists with the two songs for a little while now in the car. I can’t hear one without wanting the other. Along with Danny Nedelko and Go Square Go and a bit of The Fall (RIP Mark E) It’s all making for a lovely Sleaford Modd’ish racket that’s got colloquial accents of the Norf an’ Sarf an’ Oierlan’ going at it like it’s last orders in a market tavern on Mayday bank holiday. You slags. Throw some Slaves and a bit of East London Grime on top and you’ve got a right bleedin’ carve up.

Never mind all that, give Fountaines D.C and their ‘robust look you in the eye’ indie a try. This is from Dublin ya big fucker, would you like a fight?


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