The Witch – The Cult

Entry Number Two in BOSBBFFABRSWSSSABAW808TSR Week is from The Cult. They pushed out a magnificent compilation album back in the last days of the 1990’s called Pure Cult. There are very few faultless Best Of’s around. Pure Cult is solid from opener She Sells Sanctuary to the contractual obligation (Read as Previously Unreleased) closer The Witch.

This compilation charted their evolution from rain swept 80’s northern English Goth band to open shirted US Stadium Rock and then into becoming The Doors for a little bit. Then they saw Y2K on the horizon and figured the smart money would use the Grunge recalibration of everything as a chance to go Cyber Punk.

Boy, did it pay off? The Witch is a monster of a song. It fuzzes it’s way onto the air like an iron giant awaking from 10,000 years of sleep. Asbury delivers his vocal from behind a bullhorn, down a long distance telephone line into a tin bucket and circuits are dripped with ceremonial wax and body fluids to begin a dark incantation.

“So you finally found your rhythm man, got your funky ass out the can”

The wub wub dub groove of Duffy’s guitar is almost indistinguishable from the bass line at times. At other points it’s spiraling off in fuse blowing, valve glowing, glass grinding fashion.

“She said it’s coming true, they said you wouldn’t do, the whole world needs a lover babe, Maybe it must be you, you took a while to understand, took a while to understand, Yeah The Witch is coming for you”

There are two versions of this song available. One stops after four or five minutes of this industrial tinged Gothic cyber punk rock. The other (Extended Mix) has a two-minute big beat freak out tagged on the end. I bet you know which version I like the best.

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