Nobody’s Fault But Mine – Beth Rowley

‘When a Lady sings the blues it’s your damned business to shut up and listen.‘ That’s what the doorman’s eyes said to me as I tried to leave the joint in a hurry.

I’d gone from rain swept streets to this dark basement bar where the main source of light is a blue spot filtered by smoke.

The very walls seemed to back the gorilla in a dinner jacket up with unspoken instruction. ‘Sit your narrow ass down, give the barkeep a two fingers of whiskey signal and put your hat on the counter, show some manners’.

I’d wandered into deep water this time. The heavy glass was sat in front of me. Ice was not an option.

The bartender turned his back on me instantly, but his brylcreem parted hair delivered the third set of rules just as silently ‘Your eyes go towards the stage, your mouth is to be kept shut. Remember to tip when the song is over’

The cool chiming guitar and the mellow keys built a cathedral of glass for the Lady to fill with the long slow blues of regret.

‘You’ll hear what she has to say and you’ll believe every word because we’re all running from something down here and you’ll not escape your demons back out there on the streets. Only in here, with this voice, and that drink, and the menace of a bitter moon will you find any truth’. Said my drink.

Of course that’s not how I heard this song at all. It was an iTunes free download of the week that somehow never got played and yet never got deleted from my iPod. Then one day it pops on random and I think ‘Blimey she’s got a stunner of a voice’

Dames! What are ya gonna do?


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