Never Fight A Man With A Perm – Idles

The parent album for this track dropped this week and the bow wave it sent through planet indie and Camden Town could be felt in the mainstream and out here in the Home Counties.

Lead single Danny Nedelko has been softening us up all summer long on festival PAs and alternative stations. The full 42 minute rollercoaster ride hits its first high peak with track two. Never Fight a Man With a Perm is a magnificent title for a track. My oh my! Does it live up to that title in its lyrics? Yes. Yes it does.

“A dulcet man with a dolcet tone from a dulcet town and a dolcet home he hates me, I like that”

The arrival of The Man With The Perm is a brilliant and uplifting moment after the gloomy thudding mood setter Colossus. It gets the blood up and gets right in your face.

“You’re not suave ’cause you watched Get Carter, You are a catalogue, plastic Sinatra, A tryhard, you should’ve tried harder, Me, oh me, oh my, Boy you look like a walking thyroid, you’re not a man, you’re a gland, you’re one big neck with sausage hands, you are a Top-shop tyrant, even your haircut’s violent, you look like you’re from Love Island, you stood up and the room went silent”

How is that for a verse? It’s delivered over primal thrashing punk rock. In a joyous grinning spoken word delivery which is half beat poetry half gobby bloke in a pub. It’s calling out a type of guy who would never ever sit through something as discordant and jagged as an Idles song before dismissing it. It’s calling out the lunk headed poseur beefcakes who populate that mindset which still thinks in terms of Jocks and Nerds even in the adult world.

They may be playing to the gallery but Idles hit their targets square on. Elsewhere on Joy they take aim at Toxic Masculinity, Brexit, Immigration Policy and Television (still a threat? Apparently so)

There’s funny lyrics, massive guitars, pop culture references aplenty and a ‘take on the world’ attitude that gives me hope for a new punk rock revolution.

I wholeheartedly recommend this ‘agit-punk, queer-core, mighty-Oi, do-over’ of an album and its Guardianista left of the middle fury. It’s a joyous cacophony. I’m all for it.


One thought on “Never Fight A Man With A Perm – Idles

  1. I’ve been hearing good (great) things about this lot. Wasn’t sure it was for me, cause it’s (punk) not normally my thing. This is a riot, though… I’ll be checking out more.

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