Heat Wave – Snail Mail

You’ve got to give props where they are due. It was the review crazy oiks over at Stuff And That who turned me on to Snail Mail. Milo’s review piqued my interest one weekend morning while I was away on holiday with my family. As is customary I was the first one up in the house. I was sitting in the garden planning a barbecued lunch and a walk on the beach as I flicked through WordPress and saw those guys had posted about a band I didn’t know.

There were links aplenty in the article (there always are on Stuff And That) so I started listening along as I read. The easy jangle and mellow tones of Heat Wave sounded like the perfect holiday music. After a morning bumming around town buying lunch ingredients and holiday stuff we hit upon a record shop. I went with the recommendation and bought a copy of that striking blue and red rekkid Lush right than and there.

It was a hit come lunchtime when, one after one the Nephews, Wives and Nieces in attendance asked about the girl pop emitting from the blue tooth speakers while we cooked. Courtney Barnett came up as a touchstone with the young un’s, Mrs ForTheDeaf said it was a girly Lemonheads. I cited Mary Lou Lord & Juliana Hatfield and everyone looked at me blankly.

Old Milo (actually not old) pointed out the lack of bass in the mix becomes a bit of an issue in the album as a whole. I’m with him on that. There’s a guy working his arse off on the plank and you can barely notice him on several tracks. Heat Wave works as a light a easy piece of jangle pop and Snail Mail as a band right now appear to be completely in the lead singer Lindsey Jordan’s formidable shadow. Is she Snail Mail the way Natasha Khan is Bat For Lashes or is she the singer in a band the way Ellie Roswell is in Wolf Alice?

Early signs would indicate the former but there is good work being done by all on the record. If you were digging Mattiel or any of the acts mentioned above you’d be well served checking out Lush or anything by Snail Mail. If you like irreverence and fandom and enthusiasm for pop culture, check out Stuff and That too.

Cheers Kids.

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