Prime Mover – Zodiac Mindwarp And The Love Reaction

Gently plucking at harps and lutes, the cool mellow tones of the singers voice create an androgynous hypnotic warble. As you float away on ambient bliss clouds a soft brushed percussion lightly adds a low slow tempo to find it’s way into the operatic choral harmonies of the chorus.

The gentle melody gives a reassurance to the listener that ‘all is love and love is all’ as the song ebbs and flows almost inaudibly before petering out like a massage that’s sent you off into sweetest dreams.


Also Guardian Of The Galaxy 3 looks Lit!

8 thoughts on “Prime Mover – Zodiac Mindwarp And The Love Reaction

      1. Haha… no, I wish I was. Too early in the morning when I took it in (you wouldn’t believe the reaction they had with the caffeine!). Penny literally just dropped when I thought about the bonkersness of the video.

        Can we rewind and I’ll say I was double bluffing?

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