Things That I Used To Do – G. Love And Special Sauce

It’s more a groove than a real song. An exercise in economy that pushes a loud open drum break and a bass noodle around an empty bar while a chap who is quite clearly not a natural singer mumbles about not doing what he used to, for you, Baby.

This whole 3 and a half minute exercise in shoulder dusting and hat adjustment has Huey Morgan’s Fun Lovin’ Criminals on it’s mind but comes off like a parody song from Reservoir Dogs: The Musical (how great would that be?).

If any of this sounds at all scathing it’s not meant as such. I admire and respect a genre trope (and a performer’s schtick) as a tool to be used to great effect in the hands of the talented and charismatic. That’s what G has in spades. Charisma.

This plays out like one of those ‘I’d like to take a moment to introduce the band’ type deals only without ever actually getting into that moment. It opens The Special Sauce’s mid-90’s debut self titled album in a cool breezy mood and things seem to have maintained that elegantly crumpled daytime drinking air ever since.

G. Love is the Philly equivalent of that ‘New York Italian Indie Hip-Hop’ hybrid with generous helpings of Blues and Soul and Funk in the mix. They’re still on the road to this day, being cool and stylish in bars and theaters the world over in good suits and wearing nice watches.

It’s not startlingly original but it is as sincere in it’s trappings as any other retro styled new spin on old sounds. If you’re a fan of Beastie Boys, Money Mark, Pulp Fiction and Saint Paul & The Broken Bones there might be something here for you.

3 thoughts on “Things That I Used To Do – G. Love And Special Sauce

  1. Man, we did some G Love back in the day, but I haven’t that about that cat in more than a few minutes. I say it often, but I’ll say it again; I just love those acts that can show you just how much it all means, while showing that it can sometimes not mean that much at all. It’s so serious that sometimes it has to be anything but serious, something just breezy and passing the time. Thanks for the reminder.

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