Save Rock & Roll – Fall Out Boy

Set openers are a strong suit for Fall Out Boy. But how about anthems to end it all on? When you want to go out on a high why not call in a big gun to help you close your set?

Save Rock & Roll is a magnificent tune. Full of it’s own self importance and chest all puffed up like it believes it’s own hype. This fist of five FOB tracks is crowned with the glory of 70’s rock excess that only a duet with Elton John can bring to proceedings. He’s in on the joke and the ironic yet compelling melodrama is surprisingly affecting considering it’s entirely taking the piss.

It’s no understatement for sure that the absurd parody of a dystopia full of pop princesses in black leather are the antithesis of rock and roll and it takes an intervention from beyond the pearly gates to save us. Courtney love, Plague Doctors and lightning bolts aside this would have been a great high point for FOB to call it a day.

Looking back from here they had Dance Dance, Sugar We’re Going Down, A Little Less Sixteen Candles and Thnks Fr Th Mmrs to fall back on as a solid encore.

From Dead On Arrival to this you could have a hell of a good time with an FOB greatest hits set. If they’d have taken this to their graves. Imagine going out with a blood soaked Elton stood there in your final video. They didn’t though did they? Fall Out Boy are still out there. Soundtracking movies, collaborating with *ahem* Hot Beat Makers and pushing what their band means to different people.

Gaed bless ’em. It seems to me they live their lives like Candles in the wind…

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