Civil War – Guns N’ Roses

Today I’m recommending Civil War. By Guns N’ Roses…

The above sentence was all that was posted at the time (28th September 2018).

Something truly stinky had happened in US politics that day and from where I was sitting I meant this as a sincere piece of advice for my friends across the water. Much worse has happened since, home and away. And no one has really raised an eyebrow… So it now bugs me a great song with a decent backstory was tossed off in a fit of pique by a social justice warrior in another country (ME!) telling the land of the free how to live. What a douche.

Instead, now I can add a bit of depth to the post. Civil War was the first track released from the Illusion albums in it’s final form. The wait for Chinese Democracy may have been one of the longest ever but the wait between GNR Lies and You Could Be Mine was a lifetime for a young metal head consuming music in dog years.

It featured on a charity compilation album called Nobody’s Child which was raising money for war orphans in Romania. This record dropped a whole year before the Illusion twofers got to the world. It was clogged up with absolute legends recording diabolical turkey apart from this sneak peek at the sound of metal to come.

Buying a whole charity album for one track? That’s an expensive endeavour when you’re working on pocket money. Enter stage left; Good old Brother ForTheDeaf. He bought it because the Red Hot comps had set a high quality tone doing something similar with David Byrne & Iggy Pop, Debbie Harry. The line up on this one had Stevie Wonder, Ex-Beatles, Billy Idol.

Every. Single. Track. Stank. Except Civil War. Big Brother ForTheDeaf ; Exit stage right (pursued by a bear)

This hidden gem got no UK radio play. No one knew about it except for the five moshers who hung out in the art block at school all listening to the same tape in wonder.

G.N.R has gone epic. These Illusion albums will be amazing. Did you hear the next single was going to feature Arnold The Terminator in the video? No you didn’t. Not for another seven dog years.


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