Real Love – The Twilight Singers

Real Love comes from an album called She Loves You by The Twilight Singers. Greg (almost as prolific as yer man Josh Homme) Dulli from Afghan Whigs in yet another side project. At First glance this could be all about The Beatles.

So, She Loves You is obviously a Beatles reference, it’s also the title The Twilight Singers chose for their covers album. They don’t cover She Loves You on the album though. Real Love was the title of the posthumous single released with the first wave of remasters from an old Lennon demo with the (then) surviving Threetles filling in the gaps. But this song isn’t that song. This song is Mary J. Blige’s Real Love. Just to keep things fab though the album does feature a take on Her Majesty from Abbey Road. So Beatlesesque… Confused? You will be.

Mary J. You know we love her round at Casa ForTheDeaf. Greg Dulli? He’s our Maaan Man. Especially when he’s doing cool cover versions. Soaked with slow low weeee ooooh guitars that would win The War On Drugs this take on Mary J’s song is a heartbreaker.

Greg’s barroom take on blue eyed soul is full of pathos and longing and Neil Young style axe squealing. It’s feels urgent and bubbling with urges. It’s the sort of record that might take you aside and try to stick it’s tongue down your throat.

I’d go so far as to say The Twilight Singers revamp of Real Love is better than the original record. Elsewhere on this legendary covers album are Greg and the bands takes on tracks by Bjork, Billie Holiday, Lindsey Buckingham, Martina Topley-Bird and George Gershwin to name but a few. It’s an education but this has to be the stand out track.

There are 5 or 6 other Twilight Singers albums. All full of original compositions and the odd ‘other cover’. Powder Burns and Blackberry Belle are also worthy of your time if you’re looking for a new favourite band.


5 thoughts on “Real Love – The Twilight Singers

  1. Man, I love this version of Real Love. Dulli’s delivery is just perfect (as always). He knows how to do covers… whether it’s old tunes or contemporary RnB, the man has got it. Did you ever grab the Afghan Whigs’ version of LoveCrimes?

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      1. It was released as a download on the website shortly after the reunion. That and See and Don’t See. Both outstanding, but LoveCrimes, for me anyhoo, trumps Frank Ocean’s. It was before Rick parted, so he’s on there. Exceptional stuff.

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