Black – Turin Brakes

There’s this UK Acoustic band called Turin Brakes who My Wife walked down the aisle to when we got married. When they tour, we go. They play heartfelt indie rock with just two guitars and some wonderful song-smithery.

But they also tend to sell interesting little EP’s and things on their Merch stall to pay for the tour (they don’t have a label and have put their last few records out themselves).

So a few years back that included the Everybody Knows Everyday’s A Wicked Black Game EP. This is a brilliant a covers EP. Featuring songs by Neil (soon to have his own SFTD Week) Young, Chris Isaac, Buddy Holly and Pearl Jam

Now, I wish I could play you the elegiac and floaty TB verison of ‘every serious Pearl Jam Fans favourite song’ Black. But the internet giveth and the internet taketh away. So I can’t find a video link to it.

But… I can play you some Turin Brakes… And then play you Black by Pearl Jam. If you promise to do the homework and join the two up in your head in a way that says;

‘Hey, that SteveForTheDeaf, he really knows how to write about music I can’t hear. And yet make me feel like I’ve heard it’

One thought on “Black – Turin Brakes

  1. I’ve lost touch with these guys. The first album especially was a big one for me. Caught them at a festival shortly after the release and had to convince folk to catch them. “They’re actually awrite, eh?” They said. D’uh.

    They don’t have a label? Jings. Criminal… though I dare say it brings freedom.

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