Back To The Stack – Massive Wagons

I know it wasn’t that long ago I dropped a Massive Wagons track on here while raving about how I might just have discovered Album Of The Year in the form of Full Nelson. I prattled on how rock and roll had been saved by some lads from ‘oop north who played flying V’s and worshiped Twisted Sister.

Well I’m here again today to tell you that album is still relatively new and yet still as brilliant as I thought it was on first listen.

There have been no new developments. Nothing has changed and yet I feel compelled to post another song from that blast of an album… Actually, there has been a tiny bit of a development. Only in as much as I now have explored the bands back catalog and can tell you that Full Nelson is kind of a greatest hits and a new studio album at the same time. The brilliant trio of tracks Ratio, Tokyo and this track here Back To The Stack all predate 2018. They’ve appeared in previous indie released versions of the bands output before.

I can also confirm that Verdon Hayes (“The mans a 101 and still going strong”) is a real person and the band feature him on their instagram. I can also confirm that I had heard one of their tracks before in the form of the Metal Sea Shanty The Day We Fell and I’d loved it when I heard it but I attributed it to the wrong band and never followed up on that lead until now.

I can tell you this particular video is dedicated to Rick Parfitt of the legendary Status Quo who died in 2016. I can also tell you it was all recorded, shot and released in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust. That’s a charity I have done a bit of fund raising for myself through both my job and my love of The Who (Pete is the charity’s Chairman) and due to this the band have gone up even further in my esteem.

I can also tell you this is a tune. A proper banger. This is what I want from my music.

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