Primadonna Like Me – The Struts

Right. These cheeky cunts are having a blast pretending to be The Rolling Stones, The Darkness and Mott The Hoople all at once. I’ve got to say their retro engineered pop rock comes full of genre cliches and hackneyed riffs is like a photocopy of a Slade song being covered by Dodgy. And I love it.

They’ve got the swagger of Terrorvision, my beloved Massive Wagons and of the often over looked noughties US pop metal sensation Foxy Shazam. They’re a gang of young skinny English Andrew WK‘s looking for a party to declare them golden gods.

And I am in full support of this ridiculous behaviour. Their pose is full on Sunset Strip sleaze but their pallor is Wardour Street Soho. They’re like an uncomplicated 80’s glam band you’d have found supporting The Dogs D’Amour except they’re here and now and post-everything else that’s already been done to death. Nobody seems to have told them that though. They’ve got their early Def Leppard records and they’re DTF*.

The Struts have been doing their thing for a few short years now. Racking up should’a been hits like One Night Only, Kiss This, Put Your Money On Me and Fire (Part 1). In the process of opening up a worm hole to the Riot House in ’76 through the power or riff based rock alone they’ve been building quite the live following. Party people who aren’t looking for the next new sound or the hottest fashion to follow. The Struts are rock and roll for rock and rollers.

They’ve played with Guns N’ Roses, The Who and England’s Newest Hitmakers Those Rolling Stones in the last two years. They’ve also put out a party anthem with Pop Renegade Ke$ha in the form of Body Talks and now they’re back stealing The Hives wardrobe and Keef’s Riffs with this grab of their own crotches.

*Diddling The Frets

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