Emily – Ist Ist

My work buddy Chris comes to me over email enthusing about Ist Ist and how they sound like Joy Division and Depeche Mode.

Chris travels a lot with his role (more than I do) and he’s always got bands to recommend and gigs lined up if you want to come along. He’s put Slow Readers Club, Chromatics and Pale Waves on my radar in the past and knows a shed load about electronica and Pink Floyd (two avenues I’m a little shady on) and I’ve pushed Mark Lanegan, Frank Carter and Chloe Black his way. So you can see we’re ripe for tickets when Chvrches or Nick Cave Tour.

He’s right about this though. His love of gothy atmosphere and dour northerners has hit pay dirt with the Baby Interpol Ist Ist.

Emily is on their new 5 track EP Spinning Rooms and it is perfect for Halloween season.

Revel in the monochrome gloom and those Editors style drums. Manchester at dusk still has the spirit of Ian Curtis seeping into its microphones

Happy Halloween


Have the proper video for lead EP Track Preachers Warning while we’re at it


SoundCloud Linky


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