The Needle And The Damage Done – The Bronx

I’ve been on the radio with this one. I once had a spot on Nemone’s show on BBC6 Music where the Rock And Roll Archaeologist would find songs you’d always wanted to hear but could never track down.

I had a sad tale to tell. A tale that involved record shopping. Meeting up with friends. Too many pints and a bag of newly purchased vinyl being lost somewhere between the 3rd and 4th pub and the train home.

One of the peices of vinyl involved was the brand new (at the time) seven inch single of The Bronx playing White Guilt. And it was backed with this Neil Young cover version.

Alas I never saw the bag of records again. But this was the song which Neil himself had given a second lease of life to by making it the lead single for his highly successful do-over in the 90’s. Needle And The Damage Done came to the Grunge era in the form of the MTV Unplugged album.

It helped numb the years old sting of a lost record by getting the BBC to play it on air. There’s something perverse about making the nation listen to a B-Side by The Bronx on a Saturday morning. Of course most of all I was delighted to finally be hearing it. What surprised me completely about their take was that The Bronx went drone rock with it. Taking the noisy, dreary pained route from a song that already came with an alternative arrangement built in. There was an available alternative that had cross over success written all over it. And yet The Bronx felt the true pain in The Needle And The Damage Done and wrought this beauty out of it.

8 thoughts on “The Needle And The Damage Done – The Bronx

  1. This is great! Ever herd it before and not what I expected from The Bronx. Shame you lost it. You ever looked to replace it? (You also got me curious as to what else was in the bag).

    I used to listen to Nemone’s show religiously, but I obviously missed that one. Nemone and Gideon always played the best stuff.

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    1. I never did replace it no. Tried looking for it today funnily enough as this went out this morning and I had an hour to kill in Camden this afternoon but I couldn’t find a copy anywhere. Maybe one day. Also in the bag was a Shins Album and a bunch of other 7” singles.

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      1. Aye, it’s rare that a bargain can be found on there. Still, I have found the odd bargain… and it’s a fair option when there’s a serious lack of a decent record shop.

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