Cinnamon Girl – Type O Negative

Entry number two for the Sexy Goth Porn Parody of a band that is Type O Negative. They wring the darkness from what is essentially a hippy anthem and they have a riot while doing so.

Pete Steele’s voice has a weird unique pitch to it just like Mr Young’s does. Only a couple of octaves lower. Under a ton of burning coal and lead. By setting their guitars to ‘Doom’ and lashing their instruments to themselves with chains they reveal the dark side of the song as if it were always most obviously an ode to succubus looking ladies first and foremost.

Oh the nights in goth clubs I’ve watched the dance floor fill with glamorous vamp like creatures who do that dance where their arms and hips wiggle but their feet don’t move much. This cover is a roaring success on that front. It’s a goth anthem. It’s got a brilliant dark low groove to it. It’s all kinds of fun when the whiskey is flowing and the lighting is various shades of purple.

I’ve often wondered what Neil Young himself made of this one. Did he like his pretty little ditty being taken to a sex dungeon and ball gagged for kicks?

I bet he did. I bet he loved it.

Rest In Peace Pete Steele. You made some very pretty girls dance in a very cool way.

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