Into The Black – Chromatics

Remember Chris? He was here about a week ago (in recommendation terms) when we were talking about Ist Ist and their Halloween appropriate Joy Division inspired Monochrome Indie. Well Chris clearly has a type. A short while before the Ist Ist email. Chris called me into his office to ‘Check this out’ and he played me this version of Into The Black by Chromatics. We had a Neil Young cover version conversation. Which deepened into a cover version conversation involving Mark Lanegan doing Pink Floyd (stay tuned) and lots of swaps of favorite covers.

This dates all the way back to 2012 and yet it has alluded my attention until relatively recently. The idea of slowing down one of Neil’s most lamented laments even further is kind of genius. The glacial female vocal adds a sort of Jazz Bar element to the austere arrangement. It’s very cool indeed. Incidental as the fragile arrangement may be, each note of that famous riff is hyper familiar as it cruises past in slow motion. It’s utterly gorgeous luxury pop.

Apparently if I were a spooky girl of a much younger vintage I’d be familiar with this through it’s association with a movie soundtrack or Netflix’s Riverdale. The resident works goths have ‘had this on their iPod for years’ so, you know, that’s me told. Still, given the theme of this week it seemed a reshuffle was in order and here it is among the indie pop, the grunge flip sides and the gothy perversions. Here’s Neil Young Waging Heavy Peace through the filter of a generation who know this song through a suicide note first and a rom-com second.

“The king is gone but he’s not forgotten, here’s the story of Johnny Rotten”



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