Freakscene – Dinosaur Jr.

Earlier this morning I claimed Start Choppin’ was the closest thing Dinosaur Jr. had to a hit single. Freakscene though. That’s the anthem *ahem* get your damn hands up *ahem*.

Freakscene in a indie club or live setting is (or at least was) the flip out moment. It’s the clanking abandon and unbroken tempo that does it.

“Seen enough to eye you but I’ve seen too much to try you, It’s always weirdness while you dig it much too much to fry you, The weirdness flows between us anyone can tell to see us, Freak scene just can’t believe us, why can’t it just be cool and free us?”

They’ll try that verse a different way. They’ll thrown in a thrash metal chord change and some punk riffs. They’ll switch this little ditty up on you several different ways without ever slowing down or being more than the four basic rock band ingredients.

It squeals and wriggles and kicks out at the maximum overdrive volume. Freakscene is as vital a 90’s anthem as all the bigger more obvious ones for the fact it flies it’s underground flag proudly. Without concession. A noisy messy party of a track.

“It’s so fucked I can’t believe it, if there’s a way I wish we’d see it, how could it work? Just can’t conceive it oh what a mess it’s just to leave it”

As we approach Halloween the ghosts of many a real ‘freak’s on parade’ night out come into the peripheries of your vision if you squint into the gloom. Now that’s something everyone can enjoy.

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