Just Like Heaven – Dinosaur Jr.

Theme’s theme’s theme’s. I wanted to go deep on Dinosaur Jr. I wanted to talk about tracks from Farm, I Bet On Sky and Without A Sound but I also want to get to this years Halloween Theme. So I’ve run out of time and space for now to praise J Macis and his awesome band of noisy scruffy solo heavy indie rock that just don’t give a damn.

Meanwhile across town. In a mad scientist inspired gene splicing hybrid form akin to The Human Centipede Meets The phantom Of The Park (last years Halloween theme was Kiss Covers) We are melding two alternative music Kaiju’s together for Devil’s Night.

Dinosaur Jr. season is mutating. It’s becoming something else. Something dark, twisted and sinister…

It was the night before Halloween an all through the house, records were spinning, Wildhearts to Modest Mouse.

The Spiders were hung by the chimney with care. In the hopes that Jack Skellington would soon be there. 

The children were sitting in front of the speakers, While Dinosaur Jr. did The Cure fer y’all Halloween Weekers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year Kids. It’s The Cure For Halloween.

3 thoughts on “Just Like Heaven – Dinosaur Jr.

  1. Excellent cover. It pays enough respect to the original while saying, “Here’s something else you could do with that.” The Cure are also an excellent Halloween week band. Hey, off to see A Perfect Circle tonight. Might post something about it on the site. Thanks, and be well.

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