Burn – The Cure

Happy Happy Halloween! Halloween Halloween! Happy Happy Halloween! Blah Blah Blah!

It’s The Cure for Halloween on Steve For The Deaf. And it’s Halloween today. So there really is only one choice. We start Cure season properly with a track not taken from any of the bands magnificent albums. The Cure’s first entry in their own season is an oddity.

This track belongs to a cult classic movie. A big budget Gothic comic book adaptation which turned the 90’s indie kids heads towards Trent Reznor’s NIN and Robert Smith’s mob. The movie came loaded with buckets of iconic imagery, urban myths and fashion tips to rinse out of it. All this from a superhero movie four years before Marvel had even considered launching their first attempt at a movie universe with Blade. It gave kids an industrial rock as fashion look that beat the Matrix to the high street by five years.

That string scratchy feedback and those clattering drums are all you need to feel yourself slipping into J O Barr’s world of silhouettes. When the disintegration style bass line slips in, Goths the world over go dark behind the eyes and begin to sway.

The Cure are many things to many people. A happy pop band to some. Masters of the cold and austere end of the music world to others. Goths with hits. A rock band with a super deep back catalogue. The ultimate remixable band. David Bowie’s love children from a fling he had with a witch. The best singles band of the 80’s.

Take your pick. Robert Smith and Halloween go together like cider and black.

3 thoughts on “Burn – The Cure

  1. Probably my favourite tune of 94. It made a big impression on me… as did the movie (and soundtrack). In fact, I’m one of those kids who got into The Cure and Nine Inch Nails as a result. But it was the Stone Temple Pilots that I got into in the mega heavy way. That movie was / is just about perfect.

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