Close To Me – The Get Up Kids

We’ll bow out on The Cure For Halloween on Steve For The Deaf with a cover version to show their reach. The Cure are beloved in all areas of Indie, Rock, Metal, Punk, Pop and Goth. Their quality is undeniable.

They’ve done disco with Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Dance music with Mixed Up, Metal with The End Of The World, Post Punk with 3 Imaginary Boys, Indie Anthems with Wish and almost everything in between. They’ve had hits that sound like Salsa, Industrial, Acoustic Folk, Prog Rock and straight up mainstream Pop.

There are no bad Cure records (except maybe the self titled album, that’s sort of NuMetal Cure and a hard listen) and most good bands are fans.

So let’s have some kids (at the time) in a knock about pop punk band take a run at one of their biggest hits.

The Get Up Kids have no issues getting to the heart of the matter. Close To Me is a spunky little love song with a rollicking drum pattern and an ear worm of a piano riff. It’s got cool backing vocals and big bouncy melodies.

“I’ve waited hours for this, made myself so sick, so sick I’d stay asleep for days”

Sing along. I know you know the words.


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